Welcome to the first edition of Tear Down Tuesday! It’s still kind of weird for me to be in front of a camera, but you’ll get a raw look at how we can quickly evaluate how a site might improve to attract and convert more customers. Enjoy!


One of the first things I noticed was that the site was “http”, not “https”, which can negatively affect rankings. I saw it right away but forgot to mention it.

Quick Overview:

  • An updated design would give it a more professional look
  • Footer links need to be less spammy (too keyword rich)
  • Meta Title/Meta Descriptions need updating
  • We’d recommend a Pest Rank re-design on WordPress
  • Onsite optimization should be a key going forward
  • Create separate pages for the two locations
  • Work to get more reviews on Google – only 4 show up currently
  • Onsite changes will help get higher rankings on Google
  • Simple changes can bring more interested customers to their sites

Here’s a snapshot of current stats associated with this site (via ahrefs SEO tool):

Please reach out to us if you have questions or a site you’d like to nominate for us to tear apart!