Pest Control Web Design That Drives SALES

Your customers are used to navigating the internet in a certain way, if they don’t like your site, they will quickly find another – most likely one of your competitors.

Is Your Website Stuck in the 90’s?

We grew up in the 90’s, and it was awesome (remember Nirvana?), but your website should NOT bring back memories of that decade. We build sites that are great looking and compel people to take action.

Ready for a site that customers will love?

Alright, maybe the look of a website matters more than in dating, but still, are you going to take someone out that hasn’t showered in two weeks? Making clean websites with compelling content is what we do, and we’re pretty freaking good at it.

Ready for a New Look?

 Looks Matter, in Dating and in Websites.



Every site we host has SSL installed as a first step. Nobody wants to see that a site they’re visiting says “unsecure”.


We're Fast

Once we have everything we need, we can usually get a skeleton of the site done within one week! After that, we take feedback and work on revisions until you’re 100% satisfied.



If you’re not ready to do a full SEO package, we can manage the site and keep it updated for $50 per month. This will ensure that themes, plugins, and files are up to date so your site isn’t vulnerable to attacks.



We’ve designed hundreds of sites, so we have an eye for what will work for your company, your area, and your unique business.


New Site, New Customers

In 2016, a company came to us and asked for a new website. Their old one was, let’s just say, “retro”. A new logo, a new color pallet, and new content brought their business into the 21st century. They already provided an excellent service, they just needed to showcase it to the world.

Simple Web Design Principles for Pest Control

Web design isn’t rocket science, it’s more like “people science”. In fact, once you know what your site visitors expect, you can build a pest control website pretty easily. Either way, there are a few things that we deem important while wading through all the options.

1. Get Fast Hosting

Waiting for a website to load was just a way of life a few years back. Unfortunately, those days are over, and if someone has to wait more than a few seconds for your site to load, they’ll find another. We put all of our clients on our blazing fast servers, and it shows.

Hint: if you’re tempted to use GoDaddy, run far far away from your computer. Then give us a call. 

2. Quality Photos

Anyone can grab a stock image of a pest control technician. That also means that a lot of people can recognize the difference between real and “fake”, and will be turned off by generic ones. There’s really no excuse these days, most smartphones take great pictures. The few minutes it takes to snag some photos may be the difference in someone choosing to work with you (or not).

3. Color Scheme

We know your grandfather started the company in 1962, but if you can update your trucks and equipment, you can update your logo and color scheme. If you need help, we can recommend colors that evoke certain emotions, and even design a fresh logo if you want!

4. Media

Money may be tight, but how you treat your site is an investment. Pictures and graphics bring interest and professionalism, and combined with videos, can add confidence to potential customers. Hire someone to take a professional video that details your service and the company owner. People work with people they know, like, and trust. A video will help them get closer to those things (and closer to picking up the phone).

5. Mobile-Friendly

Nobody wants to squint, pinch, and zoom to find the information they’re looking for. Not only is it annoying, but Google will now penalize your site if it’s not mobile compliant. Shoot over your url if you’d like us to check your site to make sure it renders properly on mobile devices.

6. WordPress is Best

WordPress has shown to be the best choice for pest control websites based on multiple studies and our own experience. Third party plugins make SEO go smoother, not to mention, it’s free to use!

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