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With a focus on technology and custom planning, our growth platform delivers measurable results. Most pest control marketing companies focus on the wrong things to gain new customers. Our system generates leads on a consistent basis.

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It’s time to dive into the 21st century! That means embracing the technology that’s available to your customers. You don’t have to worry about the minutia of the tech, just focus on providing a stellar service.

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SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Google isn’t just a search engine, it’s a verb that is synonymous with finding information – “just Google it!” In other words, when people need help with a pest issue, they’ll type in some keywords to find a reputable company. Our local pest control SEO team can bring you more exposure the first month you work with us!

Web Design

The design of your site showcases who you are and what’s important at your company. If potential customers see a clean, simple site that insinuates honesty and trust, they’ll have no problem working with you. On the other hand, you could be inadvertently pushing people to your competitors because of how your website looks and feels.

Google Maps

Your Google listing is actually a function within Google Maps, and is paramount to attracting local people to work with you. This should appear embedded on your site as well so people within your service area know that you’re located close to them. Proper optimization can expand your listing’s reach and help grow your business.

Reputation Management

Google reviews aren’t the only thing that goes into your reputation. There are tons of review sites that need management, as well as the creation of a system to continually generate more positive press for your company. People love reading what others have to say about your brand, remember this!

Pay Per Click Advertising

SEO may be a long-term game, but direct response ads with Google or Facebook often show results much more quickly. If you’ve never tried it before, schedule a call with our advertising specialists to see if it’s a good fit for where your business is at.

Custom Audits

If you want a roadmap that outlines short and long-term strategies for YOUR company and YOUR unique area, a custom audit may be a step in the right direction. This will detail where your site is currently at and what needs to happen to gain more exposure online.


468% Growth

Starting from scratch with a brand new website, a pest control company in Kansas City grew their organic website traffic over 400% in one year and averaged over a dozen sales per week from April to September – all  online.


Tips to Help You Grow

7 Reasons Your Site Isn’t Converting…

Does your website look like it was built in 1997?

To be completely honest, having a pretty website doesn’t mean that it converts well. In fact, we often find sites that emphasize looks with distracting sliders/animations that keep people from taking action.

1. Wait Time

How long are your visitors waiting for the site to load up? If it’s more than a few seconds, you’ll lose a percentage of your audience. The average small business website takes over 8 seconds to fully load, so if you can cut that in half (or more), you’re in a good spot. The biggest reason for slow websites is using images that are way too big?

 2. Security Issues

Does your site show “http” or “https”? If it’s the former, many browsers will show a daunting “NOT SECURE” banner on your site, which can scare potential customers away.

3. Pest Control SEO isn’t Implemented Correctly

Search Engine Optimization is a long-term process, but there are things you can do that give your site an immediate boost. After all, what’s the point of having a website if people can’t find it! Starting with onsite optimization, a site needs to tell search engines what information is important and “crawlable” (able to be indexed).

4. Weak CTA’s

A CTA is a Call to Action. While it may seem rudimentary, telling site visitors what action you want them to take increases the chances that they will take that action. If they are reading a blog post, you may have them sign up for a newsletter. If it’s a service page, you may want them to fill out an online form for more information.

On your homepage, most likely the most clearest thing on their screen should be your phone number. It’s amazing how difficult it is on many sites to figure out how to contact the company. Don’t be one of these.

5. Reviews Lacking

Do you have a system in place for collecting good reviews? If not, there may not be a way to mitigate the occasional negative review, leading to suppressed interest in engaging with your brand.

A recent study found that nearly 90% of people surveyed valued online reviews as much as a recommendation from a friend.

6. Generic Content

If you’re using stock images and your content is produced by some random freelancer, you’re probably having a hard time getting people to “stick” with your site. Most smartphones take great pictures, so there’s no reason why pictures of your truck, technicians, owner, and service shots shouldn’t appear all over your site.

The days of generic pictures and content are over. Since we’ve been in the pest control industry, our writers can “talk the talk” and write about your services in a way that sounds intelligent, and more importantly, in a way that promotes action.

7. Customer Non-Service

Every pest control owners is confident they and their staff are superb at closing deals, but since we have a chance to look from a bird’s eye view, we’ve seen patterns that show how some companies are dominating and others are being left behind. For example, is your staff picking up the phone with a generic “hello, pest control”?

Customers expect a bright, confident voice on the phone, and if they don’t find it with your company, they’re bound to find it with another. How you handle disputes, billing issues, and tough questions tells more about your company than how you handle “lay-down” customers that will work with you no matter what.

So The Real Question becomes…

How do you Market a Pest Control Business?

To market a pest control business, you first need to offer a quality service. Once you have this down, you need a marketing plan in place to generate leads. The best way to do this is through online marketing, search engine optimization, advertising, and social media.

We’ve been in the game long enough to know a good marketing strategy when we see one. We can help you build a winning pest control marketing strategy that uses your unique advantages against your competition.

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